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Prohaska Consulting offers a unique 360-degree view of the digital landscape from our work across the six industries noted above. We have helped more than 250 clients globally in just the past four years, including successfully training more than 2,300 programmatic buyers, sellers, and tech leaders, and more on other topics. Why have we attracted so much business?

  • Our holistic approach to understanding the ecosystem provides a unique and important perspective.
  • We ground theory in reality to make complex subjects come alive.
  • Each instructor has in-market experience, in addition to being able to speak compellingly and encourage interaction among the attendees.
  • There is no “off the shelf” training. Every program is created to match a client’s specific needs.
  • We know the importance of fresh content. Even when clients ask us to teach the same content repeatedly, we offer updates to ensure content is current.
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